Note: web>clicker has been replaced by i>clicker GO, our mobile student response solution that turns laptops, smartphones and tablets into engagement tools. Please visit to learn more.

Experience web>clicker on a Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

web>clicker supports multiple choice, numeric, and alphanumeric (short answer) questions. Experience the convenience and simplicity of web>clicker on your smart device or laptop by visiting, or by downloading the web>clicker app for iOS and Android.

web>clicker includes a free 14-day trial. After the trial expires, participants can purchase a web>clicker subscription using the in-app purchasing in the iOS or Android applications.

web>clicker can also be purchased from a campus bookstore if instructors choose to order access cards. Please contact your i>clicker rep for more information.

An online polling solution for smart devices and laptops

Other Student Remote Options:

i>clicker + audience response remote with LED lights
i>clicker 2 audience response remote with LCD display
i>clicker 2 audience response remote with LCD display
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  • Numeric and alphanumeric (short answer) question support. Web>clicker now supports the same response options as the i>clicker 2 remote.
  • Convenient data entry. web>clicker allows participants to quickly answer numeric and alphanumeric questions using the keyboard provided on laptops or smart devices.
  • Flexible purchasing options. web>clicker includes four convenient purchase rates: 180-days ($9.99), 1-year ($15.99), 2-year ($21.99), and 4-year ($31.99). Participants choose the rate that best fits their needs and budget.
  • Free trial. web>clicker includes an automatic 14 day free trial. The votes participants send while using the trial version are recorded and saved in the presenter software for future use or reference
  • Simple to use. web>clicker was designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind.

Using web>clicker:

Presenters must enable web>clicker by contacting before it can be used in a group setting (before participants purchase web>clicker, they should make sure their presenter has enabled web>clicker).

web>clicker requires a healthy wi-fi network or a fast cellular connection. Please verify that the wi-fi network meets the web>clicker requirements listed below before enabling and purchasing web>clicker (voting may take longer using web>clicker over Wi-Fi or mobile networks that are not optimized for speed and capacity vs. a direct RF connection with physical remotes.

How to Purchase

Note: web>clicker access cards must be redeemed at Once redeemed, the activation will take effect for iOS and Android apps. Participants cannot redeem access cards from within the iOS or Android apps.

Presenter Tools:

web>clicker can be used in combination with all i>clicker remotes, including i>clicker+ and i>clicker 2.

Use the i>clicker+ or i>clicker 2 presenter remotes to run your presentation and i>clicker session from anywhere in the room.

Tech Specs:

web>clicker iOS App

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 5.1.1 or later

web>clicker Android App

Compatible with Android devices running Android OS 2.3.3 or later

web>clicker Web Version

The Web-based version of web>clicker requires a minimum (or higher) browser of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 14, Apple Safari 5.1, Google Chrome 21, or any other fully compatible browser.

Wi-Fi System

For an optimal web>clicker experience, the institution utilizing it should be capable of supporting the estimated maximum number of simultaneous web>clicker users within the same access area. For example, if 60 students are using web>clicker in the same room, the Access Point(s) (AP(s)) covering that room must be able to support at least 60 simultaneous users.