The hardest, yet most rewarding part of using a Student Response System (SRS) is learning how to teach effectively with it. i>clicker has been intentionally designed to be simple to learn and to use, so that instructor can devote their time to learning best practices.

Case Studies

Organized by discipline, the Case Studies highlight tips and tricks for using i>clicker in a variety of settings. They also include sample questions and classroom management advice.

White Papers

White Papers offer research on the efficacy of SRSs and how instructors can maximize the impact of using these tools in their classroom to achieve higher student engagement, participation, and ultimately scores.

Pedagogy Webinar Series

EdTech experts from around North America discuss their experience and findings using SRSs and other technology solutions in these 45-60 minute live sessions. Archives of previous sessions are also available.

Campus Highlights

Each term, i>clicker nominates a campus demonstrating effective and impactful ways of using SRSs. The Campus Highlights offer a glimpse of how i>clicker can influence the learning process with feedback from instructors, students, and administrators.