Audience Response Solutions

i>clicker is a technology solution that allow presenters and audience participants to dynamically interact through questions and answers in real-time. Often referred to as either an "Audience Response System" (ARS) or a "Student Response System" (SRS), the i>clicker solution is comprised of simple, intuitive devices and applications that can be used immediately with little or no direction.

i>clicker was originally designed to be an education tool with diverse learning environments and presentation styles in mind. Clients wanted a versatile engagement tool that would be as effective in a 500-person underground amphitheater as it would be in an intimate meeting setting.

Today i>clicker is proud to be powered by flexibility, offering multiple physical and digital response device options, the ability to work in both large and small settings, and seamlessly integrates into all major learning management system environments. By way of client-driven innovation, i>clicker has become one of the leading Audience Response Solutions in the Higher Education market.


i>clicker consulted with accessibility experts to review its product offerings, and to certify that the i>clicker response devices were compliant with current standards.

Helpful Tools

Reduce registration errors, simplify the management of personal data, and easily configure your LMS to communicate with i>clicker by utilizing some of our useful tools including i>clicker integrate.

i>clicker Presenter Advantages

i>clicker is the only Audience Response System that privately displays polling results before they are revealed to the room allowing presenters to decide on appropriate discussion strategies in real-time. The full presenter setup consists of a presenter remote with a built-in laser pointer; the i>clicker Base, that enables a preview of responses; and the i>grader software that captures and stores participants’ responses for later review.

Participant and Presenter Device Options

Standardize response device use by using one type of remote or allow for a combination of hardware and virtual options. i>clicker products work together interchangeably to maximize flexibility for presenters and participants.