Download latest version: i>clicker 7

July 15, 2014: The latest release of the i>clicker 7 software was written in an entirely new code base. Apart from the performance improvements, i>clicker 7 features an integrated gradebook (replacing the separate i>grader application), improved LMS integrations, and—by popular demand—now allows instructors to generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data, which was previously only available in HTML format. See the release notes for details.

NOTE: requires firmware v5.04 for your i>clicker bases



  • Win and Mac compatible

    Equally robust features for Windows, Mac OS and Linux; data files are cross-platform.

  • No installation required

    Run the software off a flash drive from any computer; no need to worry about installation or admin rights.

  • Flexible – works with any program

    The i>clicker floating toolbar sits on top of any application including PowerPoint, Word, Flash, Keynote, Acrobat, Prezi, Web browsers, and more. Choose virtually any program to present your material with i>clicker.

  • Use mobile and conventional remotes

    The i>clicker response system supports a blended classroom to allow voting with i>clicker +, i>clicker 2, i>clicker GO, or any combination of these in the same class!

  • Powerful features

    Support for advanced features including: integrated gradebook, improved LMS integrations and the ability to generate Excel reports.

  • Simple to use

    i>clicker is the easiest system to use and requires minimal set-up.

  • Integrated with all major LMS platforms

    i>clicker offers integrated solutions for LMS platforms:

    • Blackboard Learn
    • Canvas
    • Desire2Learn
    • Moodle (including Moodlerooms)
    • Sakai (including rSmart)

Previous Software versions

Previously-released versions of the i>clicker software; these versions will not be updated but are available to use.

i>clicker v6.4.1 January 24, 2014
Improves i>clicker GO reliability and stability

i>clicker v6.3.1 September 24, 2013
Adds support for i>clicker GO.

i>clicker v6.2.3 January 15, 2013
Adds support for self-paced polling (quiz) mode.

i>clicker v6.1.6 November 11, 2012
Adds support for numeric and alphanumeric responses.

i>clicker 5.5.x October 8, 2011
An older version of the i>clicker software. No support for numeric or alphanumeric questions.

Note: Windows 5.5.3 | Macintosh 5.4.4

i>clicker 5.4.x February 24, 2009

Note: Windows 5.5.3 | Macintosh 5.4.4

i>clicker 5.3.0 August 31, 2009

i>clicker 5.5 for K12 October 7, 2010
A version of i>clicker 5.5 for use in the K12 classroom.

Note: Windows 5.4.5 | Macintosh 5.4.4

i>clicker 5.4.x for K12 October 22, 2009

Note: Windows 5.4.5 | Macintosh 5.4.1

LMS Administrator Toolkit

These downloads include all files necessary to deploy and administer i>clicker Integrate for seamlessly using i>clicker with your campus’ supported LMS. If you do not see your LMS listed here or if you need more help with i>clicker Integrate, please contact your rep or email us at

i>clicker Integrate for Blackboard Learn 9.1+ (v5.3.1) July 15, 2014
Certified to work with Bb 9.1, April 2014 release. Download zip includes both i>clicker 6 and i>clicker 7 setup files.

i>clicker Integrate for Canvas (v1.4) July 22, 2014
Contains files for i>clicker 7 integration for Macintosh and Windows

i>clicker Integrate for Canvas (v1.3.1) July 15, 2014
Download includes i>clicker 6 setup files

i>clicker Integrate for Desire2Learn July 15, 2014
Download zip includes both i>clicker 6 and i>clicker 7 setup files.

i>clicker Integrate for Moodle 2 (v1.8) July 15, 2014
Certified on Moodle 2.6. Download zip includes both i>clicker 6 and i>clicker 7 setup files.

i>clicker Integrate for Sakai (v1.4) July 15, 2014
Certified with Sakai 2.9. Download zip includes both i>clicker 6 and i>clicker 7 setup files.

Blackboard Learn ANGEL Edition 7.2+
An ANGEL-embedded student registration option is available. Contact us for details.