i>clicker Integrate

i>clicker is proud to support

What does i>clicker Integrate do?

For educational institutions using i>clicker Integrate, students register their remotes within the LMS resulting in fewer errors, and faculty seamlessly sync class rosters and polling data without ever leaving the i>grader application.

What is i>clicker Integrate?

i>clicker Integrate is an IT Administrator toolkit that configures the campus LMS and i>clicker to directly communicate with each other.

For Administrators

Administrators can easily integrate the i>clicker Student Response System with any major Learning Management System (LMS). For most LMSs, i>clicker offers two integration solutions, manual integration and i>clicker Integrate. Manual integration enables a quick and easy transfer of polling data into the campus LMS without requiring campus IT involvement. The benefits of i>clicker Integrate include:

  • Free access to Sales Engineer for setup and training
  • Monitor of student remote registrations on most Integrate platforms
  • Reduce support calls for i>clicker-related issues
  • Available at no cost to the University, faculty, and students