Smart Voting on Your Mobile Device

Using i>clicker GO, participants answer a variety of polling questions on laptops or smart devices. The flexibility of the system empowers students to choose i>clicker GO or select a conventional remote in a way that other student response systems do not and cannot offer.

Other Student Remote Options:

i>clicker + audience response remote with LED lights
i>clicker 2 audience response remote with LCD display
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  • Smart voting options. Participants can easily answer multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, numeric, and short answer questions using the keyboard entry options on their smart devices or laptops. i>clicker GO automatically displays the appropriate controls to respond to the question being asked by the presenter.
  • There is an app available. i>clicker GO is available for download as an iOS and Android app. The i>clicker GO apps are fast and convenient, and participants don’t need to enter a web address when using them.
  • Ability to choose the device. Participants can use i>clicker GO on any device that supports a web browser, including laptops, iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
  • Works seamlessly with i>clicker remotes. For those that don’t have access to a smart device, i>clicker GO has the ability to work alongside i>clicker and i>clicker 2 remotes. Presenters can easily manage a room using any of the i>clicker remote options.
  • Flexible subscriptions. Supports flexible subscriptions, allowing participants to choose from a number of payment options. This makes i>clicker GO the most flexible and affordable solution.

  • Please note:
    i>clicker GO does not support self-paced polling at this time.

Tech Specs:

iOS App and Android App

iOS 5.1.1 or later

Android OS 2.3.3 or later

Web-based Version

Minimum browsers requirements include:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0

Mozilla Firefox 14

Apple Safari 5.1

Google Chrome 21

Any other web browser that is fully compatible with these browsers

Wi-Fi System

For an optimal i>clicker GO experience, the institution utilizing it should be capable of supporting the estimated maximum number of simultaneous i>clicker GO users within the same access area. For example, if 80 students are using i>clicker GO in the same room, the Access Point(s) (AP(s)) covering that room must be able to support at least 80 simultaneous users.

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