i>clicker, only better

i>clicker + is the ideal solution for questions with up to five answer choices (A-E). Designed with simplicity in mind, i>clicker + is the fastest and easiest way for participants to vote in a group setting.

A six button response device for up to 5 answer choices with braille labels

Other Student Remote Options:

i>clicker 2 audience response remote with LCD display
i>clicker GO  mobile polling and audience response application for smart devices and laptops
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The design of i>clicker + was based on user upon feedback, the result is a device that is compact, durable, and easy to use.

  • Simple six-button design. Easy for participants to power up and vote.
  • Response indicators. LED lights are featured next to each button, allowing participants to see which response was sent and whether or not it was received.
  • Large, tactile A-E buttons. Response buttons are easy to find, even in a dark lecture hall.
  • Recessed Power button. Prevents any accidental power-up.
  • Small, lightweight, and portable. Fits comfortably in the participant’s hand.
  • Durable design. Built to last.
  • Anti-slip grip. Prevents clickers from sliding off of hard surfaces.
  • Requires only two batteries. Fewer batteries yield lower costs to users.
  • Built-in Braille. i>clicker + remotes come standard with Braille A-E labels.

Presenter Tools:

i>clicker + remotes can be used in combination with all other i>clicker remotes, including i>clicker 2 and i>clicker GO.

Use the i>clicker + Presenter remote to run presentations and i>clicker sessions from anywhere in the room.

Tech Specs:

4.6 in H x 2 in W x 0.7 in D (117 mm H x 51 mm W x 18 mm D)

3 oz (85 g)

Two AAA batteries

200 hours average battery life

Low battery LED indicator

Auto-off after 10 minutes of inactivity




Low battery

A-E input confirmation

Braille labels for A-E buttons

Vibrating remote available

Anti-slip grip

Lanyard clip