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Talking Clickers: Eric Ribbens

In 2006, Dr. Eric Ribbens received a grant from the National Science Foundation to author and curate case studies for biology students. For Ribbens, who had been using case studies in his own biology courses since 1999, this was the…

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How can you make a "good" clicker question GREAT?

How can you make a “good” clicker question GREAT?

Sometimes we can be lucky enough to have access to a great set of clicker questions (see, for example, the list at But often a good set of questions for our course doesn’t exist, or another instructor’s questions don’t…

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Blended Learning: Why it Matters

I am a huge proponent of blended learning. In 2006, I obtained my terminal degree in Educational Leadership. The three year doctoral program was a blended model that included both online as well as campus-based education. After learning in a…

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What Can You Do about Cheating?

What Can You Do About Cheating?

Students can cheat with clickers in a variety of ways. As student response system use has spread to more and more institutions – from large research universities and private colleges to community colleges and even high schools – more and…

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