Active engagement in the classroom increases the chances that students will retain the information they have learned. Educators will also have a better understanding of what is working within the curriculum, and how course materials can be adjusted to ensure comprehensive learning.


i>clicker software technology helps educators achieve active engagement in the classroom by offering the following:


Opens communications between educators and students

Educators and instructors can create effective lessons and lectures when students are highly engaged. Active engagement in the classroom means learning weaknesses are spotted quickly and in real-time, allowing educators to tailor their learning tools immediately. With the i>clicker software technology, students and teachers are able to review coursework assigned in and out of class in a way that enlightens and engages.


Increased lesson comprehension and retention

Active engagement in the classroom creates a memorable learning environment where students are more likely to retain what they have learned.


Increased in-class participation

Students are twice as likely to display active engagement in the classroom by working on a problem presented if answers are submitted by i>clicker than by show of hands—and even more likely if credit is given for answering.


Increased peer-to-peer interactions

Active engagement in the classroom applies not only to the communications between students and teachers, but peer-to-peer interactions as well. Student collaborations open up opportunities for students to learn from each other, and provide a deeper understanding of course materials.


Provides incentives to complete out-of-class assignments

Classes that use the i>clicker technology to conduct short quizzes based on assigned reading give students an incentive to complete those assignments and come to class prepared. It also stimulates discussion around the assignment.


Improved attendance rates

The interactive nature of a highly active and engaged classroom leads to higher student attendance and performance.


Boost student confidence

Students also feel more confident in their ability to learn and share ideas when a classroom is highly engaged.


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