i>clicker provides interactive technology designed to increase audience participation. Its plug-and-play system requires no installation and allows lecturers and audience members the ability to interact within minutes. The tools are intuitive and user-friendly, enabling a unique lecture experience that increases audience participation and ensures information retention.


Here are just some of the ways i>clicker’s technology solutions enhance audience participation:


Events Poll

i>clicker technology makes presentations fun and interactive for large groups, allowing audience participation to become more meaningful and engaged.



Turn audience participation with smartphones and tablets into active participation with the presentation being given, increasing attention and encouraging candid, confidential responses to issues and ideas.


Variety of tools

i>clicker’s floating toolbar allows lecturers to ask questions in any application from sample standardized tests and PowerPoint slides to interactive whiteboards without having to write or load questions into the i>clicker software. Attendees can even answer questions “on the fly,” increasing audience participation.


Training Sessions

Offer dynamic orientations and trainings to improve the retention of information and audience participation. i>clicker’s interactive technology allows for the immediate ability to assess employees and promotes a culture of inquiry and interaction.


Provides comprehensive analysis

The group data compiled by using i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions can be used to assess and improve teaching methods as well as the effectiveness of course material.


Ensure understanding of difficult concepts

i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions can be used to instantly pose questions that demonstrate the students’ ability to apply concepts.


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