Almost every student has an electronic mobile device, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or cell phone. Most often, those devices are banned from being used in class, but with i>clicker’s interactive classroom solutions, BYOD in school can be utilized as a learning tool, not a distraction.


i>clicker’s hybrid solution means students and instructors have options when it comes to using technology in the classroom. Students can use laptops, smart devices, i>clicker +, or i>clicker 2 remotes, depending on what works best for them.


Here are some creative ways BYOD in school can be used to enhance the learning experience:


Turn lessons into games

When teachers use i>clicker’s interactive survey software, students have the ability to answer questions simultaneously and in real time. Students can be encouraged to seek out other students who answered differently and engage them in conversation about their answers. This use of BYOD in school promotes student engagement and enables students to talk through concepts in a way that may help them understand better.


Quickly identify misconceptions

Misunderstandings from presentations and mistaken ideas developed by students can be quickly identified via mobile device when B.Y.O.D in school is implemented. This leads to richer discussions and allows teachers to immediately provide effective course materials.


BYOD in school leads to active learning

i>clicker’s software on mobile devices provide students with a new outlet to engage and participate, while advancing their knowledge and comprehension of the course topics covered.


Facilitate thoughtful discussion

With the implementation of BYOD in school, students can raise their questions in both quantity and quality throughout the course duration when using i>clicker’s software on their mobile devices.


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