i>clicker provides interactive classroom technology designed to enhance the learning experience. Its plug-and-play system requires no installation and allows instructors and students the ability to interact within minutes. The tools are intuitive and easy-to-use, enabling instructors to offer unique learning experiences that increase classroom engagement and ensure lesson comprehension.


Here are just some of the ways i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions enhance the learning experience:


Hands-on learning leads to better grades

Students perform better on exams due to their increased understanding and first-hand interaction with the learning materials offered in i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions.


Provides comprehensive analysis

The group data compiled by using i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions can be used to assess and improve teaching methods and the effectiveness of course material.


Improves student engagement

Meet the challenge of keeping students alert, interested, and engaged with the course material in a way not typically accomplished with a course lecture. Students and teachers are able to interact via different methods to review coursework assigned in and out of class in a way that enlightens and engages—ultimately improving student participation and comprehension. Students raise their questions in both quantity and quality throughout the course duration.


Ensures understanding of difficult concepts

i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions can be used to instantly pose questions that demonstrate the students’ ability to apply concepts.


Assists in teaching multi-step processes

Multi-step processes can be taught thoroughly and clearly by implementing i>clicker’s easy-to-use and customizable classroom technology solutions.


Provides reliability

Keep the students’ learning experience front-and-center. The simple remote for i>clicker+ and i>clicker2 reduces the burden of technical difficulties and maximizes the benefits of learning with these classroom technology solutions. The plug-and-play solution allows educators to begin polling in minutes, and the i>clicker GO mobile solution allows students to participate in class with tablets, smartphones, and laptops.


Improves student satisfaction

Courses that use i>clicker’s classroom technology solutions see a rise in student satisfaction.


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