User-Friendly Technology

Ideal for classroom settings, i>clicker provides user-friendly technology that enables instructors and students to interact dynamically in minutes.


Instructors ask questions through any presentation application


Students answer questions with a remote or their smart device


Instructors display results in real-time and
record responses

Powered by Flexibility

i>clicker’s hybrid solution provides the freedom of choice in the classroom to meet the needs of every instructor and student.

REEF Polling Product Shot


Our well-designed conventional remotes easily make class interactive when Wi-Fi signals on campus are questionable or instructors have academic concerns about the use of smart devices in class.

Smart Devices

REEF Polling turns laptops, tablets, and smartphones into engagement tools, and can be accessed through any device that supports a web browser or through the iOS or Android app.


While increasing numbers of students own smart devices, access and availability of use is not ubiquitous. i>clicker offers conventional remotes and web-based options that work alongside each other in the same class.

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i>clicker is a plug-and-play system that requires no installation, allowing busy educators to focus on using the technology in meaningful ways.


Our solution includes and requires no installation. A floating toolbar sits on top of any presentation for convenience. What’s more, we offer seamless integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and full feature compatibility with both Mac and PC.


The base receiver avoids signal conflict with nearby classrooms and Wi-Fi networks. Instantly logs, stores, and grades responses for fast, efficient polling. Plus, we also offer a web-based solution that works seamlessly alongside remotes.


Built by educators, our comprehensive resources include case studies and scholarly articles. And for your convenience, you can enjoy complimentary webinars, world-class support, and a user community.

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Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana has been using i>clicker since 2008. After noticing that many students were forced to buy more than one SRS, the Office of Educational Excellence decided to support a single system and found i>clicker to be the most robust and simple solution on the market.

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If you want to change a one-way lecture into a two-way dialogue, i>clicker is the tool for you.

Eric Ribbens, Western Illinois University
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