In 1997, the University of Illinois Physics department embarked on a major reform of their introductory classes. They modeled their lectures after the successful ConceptTests, introduced at Harvard University, in which conceptual questions are posed and students are allowed to discuss possible answers with their neighbors.

Their journey eventually led four of the Illinois Physicists— Tim Stelzer, Mats Selen, Gary Gladding, and Benny Brown to develop their own wireless radio frequency system—i>clicker—to further enable student engagement and peer learning. They focused the development of their solution on keeping students’
attention on course content, not technology.

In 2005, Macmillan acquired i>clicker, allowing for significant
investments in i>clicker’s hardware and software. The inventors
have remained active every step of the way, focused on
both the dependability and pedagogy of our system.

Today, every decision made at i>clicker is made based on what
works in the learning environment, feedback from our user
community and continuing pedagogical research.