i>clicker for New Zealand

The reliable, robust features that users rely on from i>clicker have been built into the i>clicker software for New Zealand. This version of the software is required to run REEF Polling, our new and improved web-based student response solution that enables the use of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

i>clicker 7

July 23, 2015: The latest release of the i>clicker 7 software was written in an entirely new code base. Apart from performance improvements, i>clicker 7 features an integrated gradebook (replacing the separate i>grader application), improved LMS integrations, the new mobile solution, REEF Polling, and—by popular demand – allows instructors to generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data.

Software Highlights & Features

  • LMS Integrations

    Instructure Canvas is now supported in addition to Blackboard Learn, Desire2Learn, Moodle and Sakai.

  • Gradebook

    An integrated gradebook is now built into i>clicker rather than requiring a separate i>grader program. Each grading session is completely customizable, can be synced directly to a LMS, and allows Excel reports to be generated.

  • Results Chart Window

    Use the Results Chart to provide immediate feedback and initiate discussion. The Results Chart offers numerous display features such as chart comparison, filtering and more. Simply click the chart to indicate the correct answer for visual feedback and grading purposes.

  • Anonymous Mode

    i>clicker software makes it easy to record responses anonymously to encourage discussions about controversial issues and current events. Participants can answer honestly without fear of their presenter’s or peers’ judgment.


  • Mobile Response Support in a Blended Classroom

    Let your students vote using their laptop or smart device alongside students using i>clicker + and i>clicker 2 remotes. Blended classroom support means instructors and students can choose what works best for them.

  • Simpler Toolbar

    The single-button toolbar is simple to use and has a small footprint so it won’t get in the way of your presentation. Use the drop-down menu to switch between question types.