i>clicker + 

The simplest, most reliable response system in the market includes six buttons (A-E and On/Off) for multiple choice, true/false and yes/no polling. Simple LED indicators show power, low battery and vote status. Speak with your instructor or presenter before you purchase to ensure that you are using i>clicker + (or i>clicker) in your course.


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i>clicker 2

i>clicker 2 maintains the trademark i>clicker simplicity with the addition of alphanumeric entry capability for numeric and short answer polling. The LCD screen displays student responses, vote confirmation, battery life, remote ID, question mode and frequency. Speak with your instructor or presenter before you purchase to ensure that you are using i>clicker 2 in your course.


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i>clicker 2 and i>clicker GO

i>clicker Hybrid provides both an i>clicker 2 remote and 6-month access to i>clicker GO together in one package. i>clicker Hybrid offers unparalleled flexibility so instructors can choose to allow the use of smart devices in class alongside reliable remotes for an interactive, blended environment.



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i>clicker GO

i>clicker GO allows students to use a laptop or smart device to vote in class. Subscription purchases are made from within i>clicker GO using PayPal or via in-app purchases.

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A subscription must be purchased at the end of this trial period to keep the account activated.

NOTE: Instructor pre-approval is required

1 Semester $9.99     3 Years $25.99*
1 Year $15.99           4 Years $31.99
2 Years $21.99         

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* Speak with an i>clicker Specialist for 3-year deals.

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