Dr. Leslie HendrixHosted by Dr. Leslie Hendrix, University of South Carolina-Columbia.

In this webinar, Dr. Leslie Hendrix explored the brand new digital polling product created by the folks at i>clicker. REEF Polling is not an upgrade to an existing product – it is a completely new and built from the ground up mobile polling solution with students and instructors in mind. REEF Polling can be used in tandem with i>clicker remotes in the classroom to enhance the student experience. Students get real-time feedback during lectures and can use their REEF Polling account to review questions as a study guide. All data is stored in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing data and it is easy for other instructors to sub for you – no more trading a thumb drive back and forth. REEF Polling makes the instructor’s job easier and students love it. It’s a win win!



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