Faced with the opportunity to use clickers in a course, one might wonder about the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices are of using clickers in different kinds of science courses. This webinar navigates the experiences of two science faculty members who decided to adopt clickers for use in their courses, and learned a great deal along the way.

Some review and synthesis of the research literature on clickers is presented to place their experiences in a broader context. The webinar attempts to address such questions as: What functionality and outcomes are the same and different when using clickers in small vs. large classes? Can graduate students benefit in similar ways as undergraduates from using clickers? What kinds of questions are most effectively used with clickers in different kinds of courses? In what ways can clickers be used in a laboratory environment? What types of measures can provide information on whether clicker usage is achieving goals that faculty desire from it?

Clickers in Many Kinds of Science Courses: Large or Small, Graduate or Undergraduate, Lecture or Lab hosted by Hannah Sevian.


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