i>clicker Integrate

For educational institutions, i>clicker offers integration solutions for working with all major Learning Management Systems (LMS) to communicate with i>clicker. Seamless i>clicker integration provides added convenience for presenters and can limit student registration mistakes.


i>clicker Integrate

i>clicker Integrate is an IT Administrator toolkit that configures the campus LMS and i>clicker to directly communicate with each other. For educational institutions using i>clicker Integrate, students register their remotes within the LMS resulting in fewer errors, and faculty seamlessly sync class rosters and polling data without ever leaving the i>grader application.

Benefits For Administrators

  • Free access to sales engineer for setup and training
  • Monitor of student remote registrations on most Integrate platforms
  • Reduce support calls for i>clicker related issues
  • Available at no cost to the university, faculty and students

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i>clicker Integrate is
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API Solution

Using the API, developers can make modifications to i>clicker USB base hardware functions, such as changing text on the USB base LCD, change the polling type, enable voting and more.

Benefits For Administrators

  • Write custom Windows apps
  • Customize your experience
  • Change base delegate callback
  • Finalize voting and more

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LDAP Solution

Eliminate confusion regarding the appropriate student ID and possible typos without requiring you to host registration on your own campus with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. View the full LDAP PDF

Benefits For Administrators

  • Reduce student registration errors
  • Access the national registration site
  • Modify the perl script
  • Match your authentication

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PowerPoint Add-in

The PowerPoint (PPT) add-in makes it easy for instructors to create clicker questions in PPT as an authoring tool. At a minimum, instructors will be able to create questions and assign a correct answer within PPT. The PPT integration will be a plug-in that must be installed and will be compatible with PowerPoint for the Windows operating system.

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i>clicker Utilities

i>clicker ID Finder

October 28, 2009: The i>clicker ID Finder is a simple application that accepts students’ votes and then displays the i>clicker ID on the instructor’s base LCD. This is useful in situations where the i>clicker ID is illegible on the remote.

i>clicker Base Firmware Utility

September 29, 2015: Utility for checking base firmware version, updating the i>clicker Base to the latest firmware version (currently v6.02), and setting a fixed frequency on the base. NOTE: your base must be a minimum v4.05 firmware in order to update to v6.02. (The minimum for i>clicker 7 is v5.04).

i>clicker Base Firmware Checker

October 14, 2011: Use this simple application to check the firmware version of the i>clicker Base.

iISS/Access Database Registration Script

Allows hosting of student remote registrations on campus servers using a simple Microsoft Access database.

LDAP Registration Script

Allows students to authenticate via the campus LDAP solution to reduce student errors with i>clicker registration via the national i>clicker site; requires IT coordination